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1/7/20: “2020 Dental Coding Update with Teresa Duncan” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

2/4/20: “Overcoming Barriers to Case Acceptance – Jordon Comstock” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

2/18/20: “Not Your Grandmother’s Medicare – Christine Taxin” >>> LISTEN TO WEBINAR (Audio only) or REVIEW SLIDES

3/4/20: “Navigating the Mystery of EOBs – Part 1 – Colleen Huff” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

3/25/20: “Navigating the Mystery of EOBs – Part 2 – Colleen Huff”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

4/7/20: “Jump Start Your Security Program” – Debi Carr >>> VIEW WEBINAR

4/16/20: “Your Office May Be Closed…But the Cyber Criminals are Still Open for Business” – Gary Salman >>> VIEW WEBINAR

5/5/20: “Show Me the Money – Top Five Ways to Increase Cash Flow” – Dayna Johnson >>> VIEW WEBINAR

6/23/20: Mid-Year Coding Update Webinar” – Teresa Duncan >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/1/20: “How to Find and Keep Quality Dental Assistants” – Kevin Henry >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/14/20: “Building Team Synergy” – Denis Ciardello and Janice Janssen >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/11/20: “Approaching the Final Quarter: Start Now, Stay Focused and Finish Strong” – Cindy Ishimoto >>> VIEW WEBINAR

9/8/20: “Top Ten HIPAA Compliant Myths” – Rick Garofolo >>> VIEW WEBINAR 






1/8/19: “2019 Dental Coding Update with Teresa Duncan” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

1/23/19: “Growing Your Practice Through Social Media”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

2/5/19: “Protecting Patient Data Using Compliant Communications” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

2/26/19: “Solving the Puzzle of Credentialing & Enrollment for Medical Billing ” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

3/19/19: “EFT-ERA Technology: Systems for Achieving Electronic Cash Flow” >>>VIEW WEBINAR 

4/9/19: “Systems, Teams and Technology: Creating Balance Driven Success in your Practice” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

5/7/19: “How Your Team’s Mental Hygiene Affects Practice Performance”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

5/21/19: “Harnessing the Power of Personalities in Your Dental Practice” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

6/4/19: “Navigating the Shifting Tides of Medical Billing & Documentation with Christine Taxin” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

6/25/19: “Mid-year Insurance Check-in with Teresa Duncan” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/10/19: “What’s Your Story? Key Performance Indicators Tell the Story of Your Business” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/23/19: “6 Steps for an Iron-clad Collection System” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/6/19: “Getting the Dollars Off the Books and Into the Bank” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/27/19: “Ready. Set. Go. The Final Sprint to Practice Success in 2019.” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

10/8/19: “Change Management – Coaching Your Team to Embrace Change” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

10/30/19: “Accidents Happen: Caring for Patients When Emergencies Arise & Getting Paid!” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

11/20/19: “What’s Your Story? Part 2 – What to do with all of those numbers?” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

12/10/19: “Stewardship Agreements and Leading Like a Servant” >>> VIEW WEBINAR


1/9/18: “2018 Dental Coding Update with Teresa Duncan”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

1/30/18: “New Year’s Compliance Resolutions”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

2/13/18: “Best Practices for the Detail Office Leader”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

3/6/18: “Medical Billing or Bust!”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

3/28/17:”What Does it Take to Build and Retain a Team of Top Performers?”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

4/3/18: “Tips for Streamlined Insurance Billing & A/R”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

4/12/18: “Preparing for OSHA”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

5/8/18: “An In-Depth Look at Mitigating Cyber Security Risks and Implementing HIPAA in the Dental Practice”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

5/23/18: “Your Top 20 Practice Management Questions Answered!”>>> LISTEN TO WEBINAR (There is no video associated with this presentation – it’s audio only.)

6/5/18: “Get Paid – Effective and Professional Methods to Manage Your Practice Collections” >>>VIEW WEBINAR

7/11/18: “Mid-year Insurance Check-in with Teresa Duncan” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/26/18: “Solving the Three Most Common Battles Between the Front and Back Office” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/8/18: “HIPAA & Email Compliance Myths Demystified” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/20/18: “The Rules of Billing – Dental & Medical” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/22/18: “In Today’s World You Can’t Afford Lost Data” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

9/12/18: “Turn Case Acceptance Into Case Agreement” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

9/27/18: “The Who, Why, What, and How of Encrypted Email for Dental Practices” >>>VIEW WEBINAR

10/31/18: “Operating Your Dental Practice Efficiently: The Toyota Way”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

11/13/18: “Mastering Your Marketing Strategy” >>>VIEW WEBINAR

12/4/18:  “Collecting Your Due” >>>VIEW WEBINAR

12/11/18:  “Why Can’t We Just Get Along – Bias, Sarcasm, Gossip…& Conflict Resolution” >>>VIEW WEBINAR


1/10/17: “2017 Coding Update with Teresa Duncan”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

1/19/17: “FastAttach Tips from the TechLine”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

2/7/17: “Dentistry’s Magic Bullet for Case Acceptance”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

3/1/17: “Defining Practice Roles & Responsibilities for Improved Profitability”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

3/29/17: “Successful Systems for A/R and Insurance Management”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

4/19/17: “Reducing Overhead Costs & Increasing Practice Profitability”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

5/16/17: “What You Don’t Know WILL Kill You – Business Reporting & Analytics – Part 1” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

6/6/17: “Examining Your Insurance Systems With Teresa Duncan” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

6/20/17: “What You Don’t Know WILL Kill You – Business Reporting & Analytics – Part 2” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/18/17: “Making Your Practice a Sizzling, Systems-Driven Success Story” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/1/17: “How HIPAA Can Help Protect Against Ransomware” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/22/17: “Mining Hidden Jewels for Maximum Practice Success: 5 Nuggets to Lead Your Patient to YES” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

9/13/17: “Top 10 Mistakes Dental Practices Make…And How to Avoid Them” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

9/19/17: “Ethics Under the Knife: Restoring Our Patients’ Confidence” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

10/26/17: “Answer More Calls, Schedule More Patients, Reduce Work Load for the Team” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

11/8/17: “Know No’s for the Dental Front Office” >>> VIEW WEBINAR


3/16/16: “Electronic Attachments – The Missing Element of the Claims Submission Process”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

4/13/16: “Perspectives on Dental Insurance” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

5/5/16: “FastAttach Tips from the TechLine”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

6/20/16: “Show Me the Money” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/21/16: “FastAttach Tips from the TechLine – Version 4.1 Release Intro ” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

7/26/16: “Top 3 Areas for Maximizing HIPAA Security Compliance in Your Dental Practice” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/23/16: “Real Talk about Eligibility and Benefits” >>>VIEW WEBINAR

9/15/16: “FastAttach Tips from the TechLine”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

10/5/16: “Unleash the Marketing Power in Your Practice”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

10/20/16: “FastAttach Tips from the TechLine”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

11/1/16: “Electronic Attachments – The Missing Element of the Claims Submission Process”>>>VIEW WEBINAR

11/17/16: “FastAttach Tips from the TechLine”>>> VIEW WEBINAR

11/30/16: “End of the Year Compliance Check-up”>>>VIEW WEBINAR


1/20/15: “Introducing FastAttach Electronic Claim Attachment Solutions for Dental Practices” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

4/8/15: “Solutions for a HIPAA Compliant Practice” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

6/1/15: “Introducing Virtru Secure Email” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/6/15: “Grow Your Practice By Proactively Defining Your Online Reputation” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

8/11/15: “Navigating HIPAA Compliance for your Dental Practice” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

9/1/15: “Answering Your Questions About HIPAA Compliance and Data Security – Part 2 in the Series” >>> VIEW WEBINAR

10/22/15: “Introducing Virtru Secure Email” >>> VIEW WEBINAR