Vyne Connect is Easy to Use and Why That’s Important


Most dental providers and offices think of email as a quick way to send info to patients, payers and other providers. However, regulations like HIPAA require dental offices to store and transmit Protected Health Information (PHI) securely, using robust encryption that most email providers do NOT offer. Vyne Connect makes sending compliant messages easy for both the sender and the recipient. Providers find it easy to use because of its straightforward user experience and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. And recipients like it, because unlike many email encryption solutions, they don’t need to register or have an account in order to view an encrypted message.

Just like the best dental hygiene regimen is one a patient will actually follow, ease of use is critical to any email encryption solution. If it’s inconvenient, it’s more likely to not be used by employees when they are in a rush. That’s why Vyne Connect offers an “Add-in” for Microsoft Outlook that allows users to send encrypted messages securely, with the same ease of use as sending a standard email in Microsoft Outlook. Whether through Outlook or a web browser, if a user can send an email, they’ll already be comfortable with using Vyne Connect.

On the other end of the encrypted email process is the recipient. It’s important to confirm the recipient of your message is who you intend it to be, while at the same time not inconveniencing them. Senders have the option to perform this verification four ways: requiring they register for an account, entering a shared passcode, phone call, or text message. All of these verification methods are quick and allow for the recipient to reply to your message with the same level of security and compliance, even without an account of their own.

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