Vyne Exchange Platform

Centralizing the Management of Healthcare Communications

Designed to meet to specific needs of payers and plans over-burdened with too much minimally managed information from disparate sources.

Imagine Being Able to Easily Access All Records for Quick Access
– Searchable by Member, Document Type, Department, or Any Custom Field


Think of the advantages your organization could see if there were a single, chronological audit trail – accessible by provider, member, employee, or other relevant payer-determined index –that could be easily searched and referenced. Every touchpoint between providers and payers about patients and members would be at your fingertips in real-time.

The Vyne Exchange Platform provides insurance payers with a single platform for secure accessibility to phone calls, recordings, voicemails, emails, faxes, and supporting documentation connecting previously disconnected data in a way never done before.

The Vyne Exchange Platform, featuring Trace™, gives your organization healthcare-specific solutions that provide critical business intelligence and hardwire consistent performance excellence throughout your organization. Whether voice, fax or image content, Trace combines all records for quick access – searchable by member, document type, department, or any custom field. The result is improved departmental performance, better collaboration between teams and significant improvements in key performance indicators.

The Vyne Exchange Platform connects:

  • Any two-party communications via phone, secure messaging or fax
  • Pre-authorization conversations between payers and providers
  • Conversations regarding patient acknowledgement of financial responsibility
  • Faxes to/from referring providers
  • Supporting documentation for claims

What impact could the Vyne Exchange Platform have on your bottom line?

  • Improved claim tracking and adjudication
  • Hours saved searching for lost documentation
  • Money saved with easily accessible data at your fingertips
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