Top Four Dental Specialties that can Benefit from FastAttach

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While all dental practices can benefit from moving forward with electronic solutions for claim adjudication, there are a handful of specialties that could be seeing immediate financial benefits from a solution like FastAttach from NEA Powered by Vyne.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation April 2017 report, there are 4,576 Endodontists, 6,147 Oral Surgeons, 8,740 Orthodontists and 4,672 Periodontists in the US. It’s NEA’s position that these 24,000+ specialists should be submitting all of their claims-related documentation electronically. That includes: supporting documents, x-rays, narratives, EOBs, perio-charts, predeterminations, secondary insurance, and more.

Why is this so important for specialists? Because specialists generally work on cases that are considered to be “higher production claims” and you want to get those claims paid as quickly as possible to keep your revenue cycle flowing. The longer the payment for services rendered is outstanding, awaiting adjudication, the less money in the practice’s bank account. No doubt, getting paid for all claims is important, but it’s especially key for the types of procedures specialists perform.

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