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NEA and Virtru bring you the easiest, most secure way to communicate with patients, peers and payers. Introducing Virtru Pro secure email.


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Combined with FastAttach and FastVaults, Virtru Pro gives your practice a complete solution for secure communications. This easy-to-use, secure email application works with your existing email, so there’s no new program to learn. Securely share X-rays and other Protected Health Information (PHI) with providers or patients with just a flip of a switch!


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(*Up to 15 user licenses included per Facility ID. You must sign up for one Virtru subscription per Facility ID. If you need more user licenses added under a single Facility ID, email NEA sales at [email protected] or call: 800-782-5150, option 2.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, Virtru Pro ONLY works with Outlook 2010/2013, Gmail, Yahoo mail, on Chrome and Firefox.
Virtru Pro is NOT integrated with other email programs or with dental practice management systems. 




Securely share PHI with patients and referring providers.

  • 100% compliant, secure email.
  • Easy for senders and recipients.
  • Works with your existing email service if you’re using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook 2010/2013 or
  • Enables senders to share large files securely via email – even x-rays!
  • $15 per practice Facility ID, per month & up to 15 email accounts per Virtru Pro account.

We’ve done our homework. Virtru Pro is the easiest, most secure, and most cost-effective way to send and receive secure email.

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With Virtru Pro you can…

  • Improve patient engagement with secure communications.
  • Easily communicate with payers and other providers.
  • Use military-grade end-to-end encryption to ensure patient privacy.
  • Set up in minutes and send/receive messages on virtually any device.
  • Control access to your email content.
  • Revoke messages and file attachments, even after they’ve been opened.
  • See where messages have been forwarded and restrict access at any time.
  • Set expiration dates to control exposure.
  • Encrypt and protect any email and attachment.
  • Send to anyone anywhere.
  • Make it easy for email recipients to view secure messages and attachments: nothing to install, no portals, no passwords.
  • Take advantage of low $15 per month per practice* (per facility id) pricing. This is not per user pricing like some other products.


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(*Up to 15 users. If you need more user licenses, contact NEA.)



Works with Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook 2010/2013, and

virtru email support

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, Virtru Pro ONLY works with Outlook 2010/2013, Gmail, Yahoo mail, on Chrome and Firefox.
Virtru Pro is NOT integrated with other email programs or with dental practice management systems. 

There is also a free mobile app on iOS and Android.

Questions about installation or looking for answers to common setup questions? Check out these video resources.



What people are saying about Virtru Pro…


“It works in my current email, and it’s easy for my staff, colleagues, and patients to use. There is financial protection in securing email, but as importantly, there is peace of mind. It’s about doing something because it is the right thing to do.”

– Dr. Eric Jones, Jones Smiles

“With the flick of a switch, right there in my normal inbox, as I’m composing the message, I can activate Virtru to encrypt an email before it leaves my device. It leaves my computer encrypted, and arrives in colleagues’ inboxes encrypted. Before Virtru, we did not have an easy way to use end-to-end encryption.”

– Dr. Clark Venable, Riverside Anesthesia Associates

“Pursuing digital security should be as much of a no-brainer as locking your door before you leave the house. Virtru is a walk in the park compared with some of the other options.”

– The New York Times

“The key with what Virtru does, apart from making encryption work on most ordinary cloud emails, is that it works across different platforms, something that is largely a gap today.”

– TechCrunch

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All NEA team members have extensive experience in compliant electronic document exchange. From inquiry to implementation to ongoing customer service, our professional support team works closely with clients to provide support that is unparalleled in the industry. NEA clients receive unlimited training, service and support at no additional cost. With online resources, live chat and phone support available, you’re never far away from the answers you seek. Need new-hire training or even re-training for existing staff? No problem. Contact the NEA support team to setup a time that’s convenient for you.