ProviderView Sneak Peek – FastAttach Web is Coming


12/14/17 – COMING SOON: FastAttach Web to Replace ProviderView as Your FastAttach Command Center in Q1 2018

For years, ProviderView within FastAttach has given users a solid set of communication tools, and we are excited to announce that we have taken ProviderView to a whole new level by replacing it with our new product, FastAttach Web. This new portal introduces contemporary features in a streamlined, efficient web experience.

What’s New in FastAttach Web?

With secure provider-to-provider communications, as well as those between providers and payers playing such a large role in today’s dental practices, it was only natural to offer messaging capabilities. The Messages feature gives users an easy to use, manageable inbox that enables users to securely communicate with other providers via messaging with or without the inclusion of patient information, as well as receive messages from payers regarding attachments sent. Messages has been designed to look and feel similar to email, with easy to use tools like highly customizable searching and filtering to manage and respond to your messages.

  • View messages from health plans regarding attachments already sent
  • Sort received messages by sender type to easily differentiate between messages received from other practices, payers, or NEA
  • Use Provider to Provider messaging to communicate with other practices in the NEA network and securely share patient information for tasks like referrals

In addition to Messages, the new FastAttach Web facilitates 24/7 account access for easier management of FastAttach accounts. Easily create and manage users, and access maintenance features to quickly update contact, payment and office information at your convenience.

Our new portal also provides a single place to retrieve health plan details and review sent attachments – no more jumping around to multiple payer portals to get the attachment information you need to get your claims paid. Simply access FastLook through FastAttach Web to view claim attachment requirements for over 750 dental plans and payers.

  • Use FastLook to retrieve health plan details like e-claim payer ID information, contact information and procedure code requirements
  • Review activity in your FastAttach account like attachment volume and user productivity without having to install any software
  • View sent attachments and quickly resubmit if necessary 

Stay Tuned…

There’s much more to come and NEA is excited to bring you this new web-based offering in 2018. Look for additional information on the FastAttach Web release in early Q1.