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Save time, money and headaches with FastAttach.

Picture it…Faster reimbursement times with FastAttach! How? Vyne Dental’s electronic claim attachment solution means nothing is ever dropped to paper.

FastAttach is incredibly valuable in decreasing the processing/turn around time on submitted claims. It has really streamlined our overall claims process.”
Serrana Melgar, Financial Coordinator
Seattle Special Care Dentistry

It’s a no-brainer…a minimal monthly fee that can yield maximum returns.

By using FastAttach instead of your normal manual, paper-based processes for claim attachments, your practice could be saving almost $10 per attachment which adds up to over $22,000 per year for a practice averaging 50 or moe attachments per month. At only $39 per month (per office location*,) for unlimited claim attachments, it’s a no-brainer.

With FastAttach you can:

– Eliminate lost or damaged claim attachments
– Improve your revenue cycle
– Expedite reimbursements
– Save on postage and printing costs
– Reduce follow-up time with payers
– Stop sending unnecessary attachments with claims
– Be certain that all of your claim attachments are getting where they need to go in a timely, secure manner
– Know that you’re using a compliant, encrypted, Internet based tool that meets industry security requirements
– Get access to Vyne Connect encrypted email service for up to 5 of your existing email accounts included with FastAttach
– Send unlimited attachments for one flat fee per office location* – pay per only $39 per office!


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FastAttach truly helps us to run a more lean process and limit the amount of times we have to touch a claim.

Having the tracking number available when calling a payer for claim status is a huge advantage for both parties. Overall we find that relying on the NEA electronic process is a huge advantage for us administratively.

— Shelbie Yount, Aspen Dental Management

I love that FastAttach allows seamless claim processing for our office.

We can attach xrays, narratives, perio charting, and secondary insurance claims at the click of a button. It is such a time saver on our end AND it helps us receive insurance payments Faster. It is a FANTASTIC service that I highly recommend!

— Cait Resch, Glacier Dental

Our practice could not run as smoothly with out FastAttach. The days of paper submission should be behind us.

NEA-Vyne are leaders in their support services. Helpful suggestions and newsletters keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Exceeding security standards they offer a comfort level we can not get with other companies. We owe are recent production increases and turn around time to NEA-Vyne for the time savings they have provided us through their services. In addition, they strive to increase availability to all every major insurance available.

— Autumn Esbin, Dr. Caroline A Bobbett, DDS

I can submit a claim for a crown, show pre- and post-op images after it is seated same visit, and we are paid in 7-14 days.

Perio is easy with charting & digipan. If a claim is lost by the insurance company, the NEA number is how they find it. It’s an incredible time saver!

— Beverly Krell, William L Krell, DDS, MAGD

Sending claims is effortless using FastAttach.

They also prompt you as to what needs to go with claims to avoid insurance denials due to missing information.

— Mary Ann Venturena, Beautiful Smiles of Delaware