Office Manager worked with NEA to test the very first version of FastAttach and, years later, still reaps benefits


Let me start with some history with me and NEA.  I worked for a dentist in Columbia, TN ( Beck Dental Care) for 16 years from 1989 until 2005.  While working there the company NEA was created, and Dr. Victor Beck was asked to participate in their pilot program and test the system.  I was in charge of the installation and management of the NEA system at that office.  When it first started, NEA provided us with a little scanner box that I had to place the x-ray film (yes ancient film, not digital) on the scanner box and scan the x-rays into the NEA system.  I helped develop the program and find the bugs that needed to be worked out.  It was very exciting to be part of the state of the art technology!!

So you can say I have literally worked with FastAttach from the very beginning.  I loved the concept when it was first introduced to me and have loved it ever since and all the improvements over the years.

FastAttach saves me so much time and effort on filing insurance claims.  I love that it alerts me of what the insurance company requires to process a claim so I can have a clean claim sent out the very first time.  FastAttach saves my office time and money by claims being completely accurate, therefore accepted and paid quicker! Since FastAttach stores all the attachments, it is so nice to be able to view patient history of what I have sent to an insurance company in case they reject a claim.

Not only is the FastAttach system very easy to use, but the support you get from NEA technicians is also excellent.  I am very confident that I can contact NEA anytime and have my question answered immediately. The team members at NEA are extremely kind and knowledgeable!

I still recommend NEA and FastAttach to every dental office I encounter, and have over the past 20 years since I first started working with them!!

  • Heidi Zolkiewicz, Office Manager, Combs Family Dentistry