NEA heads to the 2017 ADSO Summit in Orlando!


Streamlining billing, claim adjudication and electronic information exchange for growing dental service organizations since 1997

NEA Powered by Vyne is excited to meet with the nation’s dental service organizations (DSOs) at the annual ADSO summit, March 7 through 10, 2017, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. NEA understands the importance of streamlining billing, claim adjudication and electronic information exchange for growing dental service organizations.

The event features presentations on trends in law and advocacy, insight on the future of the DSO industry and developments from partners, including the likes of NEA.

The Changing Dental Landscape

There is no doubt that the dental care sector is a changing one. The spending habits of patients have changed, major dental insurance payers have continued to cut reimbursements by as much as 15 percent in states coast to coast in a trend that is expected to continue. DSOs, however, have emerged have emerged as a leading part of the sector’s continued innovation while adding to the competitive health of the dental landscape.

NEA, because of our intimate knowledge of dentistry technology and the sector, is acutely aware that we’re seeing major changes afoot, especially in regard to DSOs and how they are impacting and benefiting dental outcomes and care. We are proud of our association and partnership with the DSOs we support and look forward to building more connections within the community at the 2017 ADSO.

FastAttach for DSOs

For more than 20 years, NEA has been serving the industry providing its secure, electronic claim attachment solution, FastAttach, to more than 50,000 dental health professionals, a great many of them from DSO organizations. All of these organizations enjoy 100 percent electronic connectivity to more than 750 dental payers and health plans; that means that no documentation is ever dropped to paper – saving  time and money.

FastAttach, a secure solution that meets HIPAA and HCFA security requirements, enables dental practices to electronically transmit X-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives, pre-treatment estimates, secondary claims or any other documentation required by a payer to adjudicate a dental claim. DSOs with multiple practice locations use FastAttach to eliminate lost or damaged claim attachments; improve the revenue cycle and expedites reimbursements; saves on postage and printing costs; and reduces follow-up time with payers.

NEA has a strong role to play in the continuing evolution of the DSO sector. As technology continues to play an increasingly important role in dental care at the point of patient care and in administrative roles, and as DSOs grow, the use of new solutions to manage claims, claims attachments, supporting documentation, patient interaction and health and scheduling will increase respectively. Also, insurance is accelerating the changing landscape.

Reach-out and say “hi!”

The NEA team looks forward to meeting with clients, attending educational sessions and discussing with DSO leaders at ADSO the importance of technology solutions like FastAttach can have on improving the security, efficiency and profitability of their organizations. So, if you’re at the ADSO summit and want to learn more about NEA and how FastAttach can benefit your organization, be sure to reach out to the NEA team and say “hi.”