Mindy Kagy, East Taylor Dental Associates


I love NEA because it saves time and money. Postage and ink is expensive and unreliable. When I send attachments via NEA, I know that they see what I see and that it should get to them immediately, not take weeks to process through the mail and possibly get lost along the way. I wish every insurance company accepted NEA, and we find that majority do. I have very few insurance claims going out by mail and find that I can get paid a lot faster because of it. Sometimes I have to call insurance companies about claims that had difficulty getting paid. I am able to recall the information that was sent in our past attachments, talk them through everything that is already attached, and then, if necessary, open a new attachment and send that while I’m talking to them. Then, I just give them the new NEA # for the info I just sent and they can usually pull it up immediately. Getting these difficult claims addressed immediately saves me from spending more time following up with them later.

  • Mindy Kagy, Insurance Manager, East Taylor Dental Associates