Getting Started with FastAttach

Installation and Setup of FastAttach for Your Dental Practice

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Congratulations on getting started using the most-trusted electronic claim attachment solution available! Simply download FastAttach and contact our Support Team to get started on your way to improved claim adjudication!


The FastAttach service provides flexibility for electronically managing your supporting documentation and claim attachments. We’ve provided an easy-to-follow user manual that may be accessed from within the FastAttach software by clicking on the “?” icon. For any questions on how to use the service, or if you’re having trouble installing the software, please contact the NEA Help Desk.

Review the System Requirements

System Requirements:

Usage Requirements:

  • Electronic claims submission
  • High-speed Internet Service
  • A means to digitize attachments, such as digital radiography, a TWAIN-enabled scanner with transparency adapter, and/or FastKapture, NEA’s exclusive mobile application

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NEA’s staff has extensive experience in compliant electronic document exchange. From inquiry to implementation to ongoing customer service, our professional support team works closely with our clients. Our technical and customer support is unparalleled in the industry. We provide continuous service to improve your workflow, simplify the documentation transmission process, and exceed your expectations.