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How do I reset my password?

From the FastAttach® or FastAttach Web login screen, click the red “Forgot Password?” link. This will display the Forgot Password web page. Enter your Facility ID and your username. Please note that all fields are case sensitive.

Click the Next button. When prompted, enter the answer to the security question for your username and click Reset Password.

The next screen will display a field to enter a one-time passcode that the system will automatically email the address on file for your username. This passcode will expire in 30 minutes!

Once received, enter the passcode in the field provided. You will be prompted to update your password. New passwords must be at least 8 characters, any combination of letters and numbers.

How do I install FastAttach?

Go to FastAttachWeb at: and log in using your Facility ID, username and password.

Expand the Information Center section.

Select Download FastAttach from under the Information Center, then select the Download FastAttach button to start the download.

Select Run to launch the FastAttach software installer.

If you are using a different browser than Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to Save the installer. You will need to locate and open FastAttachInstaller_Net40.exe from the directory it was saved to, usually the Downloads folder.

Click Next, agree to the End User License Agreement, then click Next again. Click Finish to complete the installation. FastAttach will automatically open unless Launch the Program is unchecked. If unchecked, select FastAttach from your desktop.

Enter your Facility ID (Account #), user name, and password, then click Login.

How do I uninstall FastAttach?

To uninstall FastAttach, follow these steps:

  • Close FastAttach if open
  • Go to the Start menu on your Windows computer
  • Select Control Panel (it may be under Settings)
    • Select Programs and Features or Uninstall a Program under the Programssection.
    • For FastAttach® version 2.77 or older, highlight “Neaprovider,” then select Uninstall or Remove.
    • For FastAttach® version 4.1 or newer, highlight “FastAttach-NEA,” then select Uninstall or Remove.
  • Once the software has been removed, you must locate and delete certain artifact files from your hard drive. To do this, go to Start > Computer > Local Disk/OS(C:).
    • When removing version 2.77 or older, remove the Neaprovider folder from the C:drive.
    • When removing version 4.1 or newer, open Program Files(x86) for 64 bit operating systems, or just Program Files if using a 32 bit operating system.
      • Look for FastAttach folder and delete it.
    • Go back to the Local Disk/OS(C:) and open the Windows folder. Inside the Windows folder, locate and delete the following files:
      • nea.ini
      • neaprovider.ini

FastAttach is now completely removed from your system.

What scanners are recommended?

The most important feature in choosing a scanner is that it has a transparency adapter in the lid. These scanners are designed to scan translucent film, such as x-rays. It is also important to note the size of the transparency adapter.

  • Epson v700

In addition to a scanner, you can use FastKapture; it is NEA’s mobile app that enables you to secure capture images from any camera-enabled mobile device. Once the image is captured, it can be securely transmitted to the FastAttach repository for use in attachments. Get more information on FastKapture.

How do I display the list of participating payors in FastAttach?

Log into FastAttach and click the Payor Information button. This will display a list of all the insurance companies accepting attachments from NEA. This list is automatically updated each time you log into FastAttach.

You may also view participating payors by clicking the “How do I display the list of participating payors in the website?” FAQ.

How does FastAttach work?

FastAttach transmits electronic attachments via a compliant internet connection to the NEA repository. Once received, NEA assigns a unique tracking number to the attachment which the provider places in the “Remarks” section of the claim, then transmits the completed claim electronically to the payor. Attachments are then stored for secure viewing by the payors who receive them.

How secure are my attachments once I submit them to the NEA repository?

Payors may only view attachments that were transmitted specifically to them by sending providers.

Are the attachments stored in my computer so I can access them later?

No. FastAttach stores your images in our offsite repository, not on your office computers.

How do I view an attachment that has been sent?

There are two ways to locate and view attachments sent through FastAttach. You can access the history of all attachments for a patient from within FastAttach, or you can search for a specific attachment through FastAttach Web.

  • Patient History
    • To search patient history, log into FastAttach and click New/Search. From Patient Search, search for your desired patient.
    • From the search results, click View History to display a list of attachments sent for the selected patient.
    • Click View to display the selected attachment.
    • A web browser will then your selected attachment.
  • FastAttach Web
    • Another way to look up your attachments is directly through FastAttach Web, NEA’s secure online viewing portal. To access FastAttach Web, log into FastAttach and click Online Features or select FastAttach Web from the NEA website and log in using your FastAttach credentials.
    • Once logged in, go to Attachments, followed by Sent, then use the search fields to find desired attachments.

Are my username and password case-sensitive?

Yes, all fields on the Login screen are case-sensitive.

Does each user need an individual username?

We strongly advise each user to have an individual username. Different user names may be logged into the same FastAttach account at the same time from different workstations, however a single user name may only be logged into one workstation at a time.

Why do I have to login each time?

Logging in is required because FastAttach users may access previously stored PHI via FastAttach.

Is there an additional cost to install FastAttach on more than one workstation?

There is no cost associated with installing FastAttach on multiple workstations within the same office. However, you are required to purchase an additional account if your practice operates at more than one location.

Please see the “How do I install FastAttach®” FAQ for instructions on how to install FastAttach on additional workstations.

How do I find the name of a FastAttach screen?

Each screen’s name is displayed in the top-most title bar of FastAttach. This bar will have “NEA FastAttach:” followed by the title of the screen in the top left corner. You will also see your Facility ID and Username in the middle of the title bar.

How do I add a provider in FastAttach?

There are four ways to add providers in FastAttach, depending on how you use the software:

Without an Interface

If you are using FastAttach without an interface (also referred to as “standalone”), login into FastAttach and click Provider Information. Click New, and then enter your provider’s information in the fields on the lower left portion of the screen.

With an Interface

If you are using practice management or clearinghouse software that has an interface with FastAttach (meaning you have a means of automatically sending your patient claim information into FastAttach from another software or service), new providers are added when the claim information is imported into FastAttach.

You will only need to enter the NPI number and select a specialty for that provider. Once all fields are completed, click the Save button.

Via FastAttach Web

Option 1: Select Online Features from FastAttach, then select Providers from the left-hand navigation menu. Click Add. Enter the provider’s information in the fields provided and click Save.

Option 2: Select FastAttach Web from the NEA website, then log in using your FastAttach credentials. Select Providers from the left-hand navigation menu. Click Add. Enter the provider’s information in the fields provided and click Save.

How do I remove a provider in FastAttach?

Removing providers is just as easy. Each provider entry within FastAttach has a “Delete“ link on the far right. Simply click that link, then confirm that you want to remove the provider and it’s done.

Do I need the NEA# to search for an attachment?

No. While an NEA# will give you the exact result, you may also search by date of birth, first or last name, health plan, date of service or date created.

Can I make changes to my attachment after it has been sent?

No. Once an attachment has been sent and the receipt has been generated, the attachment cannot be altered.

Helpful Tips:

  • If you have not yet submitted the electronic claim, you can create a new attachment to generate NEA # with the correct information.
  • Images that have been sent for a patient previously can easily be reused using the Archive button in the Data Entry screen.

What is a Payor Reference Number (PRN) and where do I find it?

The PRN is the payor-assigned reference number located on an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) letter that is requesting additional information regarding a claim or prior authorization. Depending on the payor, it may be referred to by a number of terms, such as Document Control Number, DCN, Claim ID Number, File Reference Number, File Control Number, etc.

Which NPI (National Provider Identifier) should I use, the facility or the doctor's?

Generally, you should use the NPI number that you use for billing purposes and on insurance claims. If your practice has multiple providers, use the doctor’s individual NPI number.

How do I update my billing information?

There are two ways to update your billing information with NEA:

  • You may update your billing information via FastAttach Web. After selecting Online Features from FastAttach, or by selecting FastAttach Web from the NEA website and logging in, go to Account Summary, then select Edit to the right of Billing Information.
  • If you have received a “Change of Billing” form via fax or email and you choose not to use the preferred method of updating the billing information online, simply fill out the form and fax it back to us.

What are NEA Master ID's and where do I find them?

NEA Master IDs are similar to payor IDs – ID numbers that represent payors in the NEA system. Interfaces use the ID numbers to match payor information from a claim or prior authorization to the NEA payor list when passing this information into FastAttach. This information is also available under Health Plans in FastAttach Web.


To view NEA Master IDs, log into FastAttach and click Payor Information, or log into FastAttach Web and select Health Plans. To the right of each payor name, a 6-digit number will display. This number is the NEA Master ID.

How do I send primary claim payment information to a second payor (Coordination of Benefits)?

By simply creating an attachment that contains an image of your primary EOB, and selecting the patient’s secondary payor via the Data Entry screen you can easily submit claim information for a secondary payer.

  • Select which payor you want the attachments to go to by using the drop down menu on the Data Entry screen.
  • If the payor you wish to send to does not appear, you can add the payor by clicking Patient Information and selecting Add New Insurance. Fill in the new tab you created and then click Next at the top to save your changes.
  • If you have a paper copy of the document, you can use Twain/Scanner to activate your scanner software and capture the iage into the FastAttach software.
  • If you have a digital copy of the document, such as a PDF, you can use Screen Capture to capture the image.
  • Note that EOBs are labeled under the Non-X-ray tab on the Edit Image Screen.


Where are images saved after I send them?

Your images are saved in the NEA repository. They may be viewed by patient via the Archive button on the Data Entry screen, or searched for in FastAttach Web by selecting Patients or Sent from under Attachments.

I have received an EOB requesting additional information. What do I do?

There are two ways to respond to an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) using FastAttach. In each case, you will need to enter the Payor Reference Number (PRN – see “What is a Payor Reference Number (PRN) and where do I find it?”) into the appropriate field.

  • If the payor is requesting documentation that you have not previously submitted with FastAttach, you can make a new attachment containing the requested information. When you are in the Data Entry screen, select Yes to “Did the payor request this attachment?” Then enter the PRN in the Payor Reference Number box below. Be sure to add all requested information to your attachment, then Save and Send. There is no need to add an NEA# to a claim in this circumstance.
  • If you have previously sent the requested information with FastAttach and all requested information is present in that original attachment, use FastAttach Web (see “How do I view an attachment that has been sent?”) to find your attachment, then while viewing the desired attachment, select Resubmit. Enter the PRN and click Resubmit.

How do I display the list of participating payers on the website?

Click here.

How can I get my team trained on FastAttach?

Every FastAttach subscription comes with unlimited, FREE training and support. Our Support team is happy to conduct new hire or refresher training on your schedule. Simply contact them by phone: 800-782-5150, option 3, or by using the online Chat tool to setup a date and time that works for your team.

Still have questions? Contact NEA Support now.

We have resources to help you and your teams.

NEA’s client support team has extensive experience in electronic document exchange. Our client support is unparalleled in the industry and we are here to provide continuous service to improve your workflows, simplify the documentation transmission process, and exceed your expectations.

Whether you have new staff that require training, existing staff that need a refresher or just have a question on a new feature…the NEA client support team stands-by ready to assist. We will train your team on your schedule. Just contact us online or by phone to setup training at a time that works for you.

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