FastAttach Web Release Notes for 5/27/2018

Product Releases

General Improvements

  • Billing Statements added, available for eligible clients (based on payment type) from Account Summary
  • Health Plan messages will now contain links to corresponding attachments for easy reference
  • The email address used in Forgot Password is now bold to more easily see
  • Corrected Print Friendly View display issue with images with a height between 291-299 px tall and width of less than 500 px
  • Health Plan favorites management

Patient Management

  • Create patient records
  • Manage existing patient records
  • Patient health plan record management
  • Health Plan Favorites support when managing patient health plan records
  • Archive-Only patient record support
  • Create, view and manage patient record links
  • Ability to initiate a message from Patient Information
  • Sent & Unsent attachment history display on Patient Information