FastAttach Web Release Notes for 2/25/2018

Product Releases


  • Dashboard optimization
  • Stop preventing PMG Master users from creating the same username in a satellite location as the Master facility
  • Improved Internet Explorer handling
  • Rename “Select a Health Plan” to “All” on the Productivity Report to clarify functionality

Grid Columns (Unsent/Sent Attachments, Messages)

  • Move column chooser into Settings so it’s easier for users to find
  • Change column chooser from click and drag to checkbox control so it’s more straightforward to use
  • Rename Column Chooser to Column Settings

Sent Attachments

  • Stop preselecting date range on Sent Attachments
  • Always display Advanced Search on Sent Attachments with option to hide
  • Correct Search button alignment on Sent Attachments for odd resolutions

Viewing Sent Attachments

  • Add “View All” to Images grid, which displays all images in a sent attachment at once
  • Enlarge individual image viewing dialog window when viewing contents of a sent attachment to reduce scrolling
  • Add display for health plan messages on a given attachment when viewing the sent attachment
  • Add display of Date Sent when viewing a sent attachment
  • Correct display of images selected from Archive when viewing a sent attachment
  • Rename “Document Type” to “Image Type” in the Images list when viewing a sent attachment


  • Add “Clear Settings” to Inbox
  • Allow searching by Date Received on Inbox
  • Add Subject column filter of “Blank” for messages without subjects in Inbox
  • Correct saving and loading of columns on Inbox and Sent Messages to be user specific
  • Display item count when Inbox has column grouping applied
  • Allow Inbox columns to be rearranged, except for From
  • Display an error when > 1000 messages are selected to delete from Inbox