FastAttach has proven to be a necessity for Patricia Haberman, DDS


According to Colleen Huff, practice administrator, Patricia Haberman, DDS, the practice ohas been working with NEA since about 2001. With FastAttach, the practice submits about 30 electronic claims attachments per month, but when doing so, the process is a snap. Everything is automatic so that I no longer pay attention to what I need to do – I simply hit the button and send the attachments. It’s just so easy.

What I like best is the ease of being able to send everything to a payer electronically then receiving a report that details all that I’ve sent. FastAttach is so easy because it’s a seamless solution and I’ve never had a glitch. When working with insurance, it’s vital to have access to the tools that you need so that you can send all the right information quickly and easily while still track the data sent, and when it was received by the payer. I love the ability to track files and data so that I prove that we’ve sent the information and that the information was received.

FastAttach makes our work in practice so much more effective. As a practice administrator who works the front desk of a three-practice location, FastAttach has proven to be a necessity for each of them so I’ve set up NEA’s technology in each of them.

FastAttach also integrates flawlessly with our practice management solution, Eaglesoft, which is vitally important to the long-term success of the practice and ensures the best experience for patients. Even when I’ve looked at other products out there, nothing else measures up and I always come back to NEA.

The FastAttach solution is so important to me that recently, while consulting with a startup practice, I expected things to start very slowly, but as some as we opened the doors the pace went nutso. We had the computers just two days before the office opened, and we had to get the solution up and running in an instant. I quickly did my NEA re-training when I was working at the front office during a patient rush. Easy, free and just amazing, and I learned everything on my lunch break.

Overall, FastAttach speeds up our pre-authorizations, provides us with the ability to send documents and images electronically, and our claims get paid faster.