FastAttach for DSOs

Scalable solutions from NEA streamline claim adjudication, provide encrypted email communications and connect disparate communication data for DSOs.

NEA provides tools designed to help Dental Service Organizations (DSOs) run more efficiently.

Put the power of our connections to work for you with: FastAttach for 100% electronic claim attachments and Vyne Connect encrypted emai.

FastAttach electronic claim attachment software from NEA saves dental offices time and money by allowing providers to securely, electronically transmit x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives, or any other documentation required by a payer to adjudicate a dental claim. With secure, electronic connectivity to more dental payers and plans than anyone else in the industry, NEA can help speed-up reimbursements – cutting your adjudication times down from weeks to only days.

Why FastAttach?

With FastAttach you can:

  • Easily manage claim attachment processes for multiple locations
  • Eliminate lost or damaged claim attachments
  • Improve your revenue cycle
  • Expedite reimbursements
  • Save on postage and printing costs
  • Connect with more than 750 dental plans and payers
  • Reduce follow-up time with payers
  • Stop sending unnecessary attachments with claims
  • Be certain that all of your claim attachments are getting where they need to go in a timely, secure manner
  • Know that you’re using a compliant, encrypted, Internet based tool that meets industry security requirements

Electronically connect to over 750 dental plans & payers.

NEA partners with dental plans and payers to provide 100% electronic claim attachment connectivity. Nothing is ever dropped to paper! FastAttach electronically connects to the payers you need and by submitting attachments electronically, you can significantly reduce the claim adjudication time – often getting claims paid in days versus weeks!

Designed for DSOs

Central Billing Office (CBO) features in FastAttach allow an office to send from a Master Facility ID. This management tool gives your practice the ability to view patients, doctors and attachments from any branch / facility within the DSO. Individual branches can create attachment and send all attachments on behalf of each location from a Master Facility ID.

Additional DSO features include:

  • Reporting for one or many locations
  • Ability to view user/attachment activity for one or many locations
  • Compliant image and data sharing between FastAttach users
  • Online attachment requirement verification tool with FastLook

Value-added solutions for DSOs

Did you know you can get Vyne Connect encrypted email for your entire organization? Contact NEA Sales and request details on Vyne Connect for DSOs.