FastAttach & FastAttach Web Release Notes for 10/20/2019

Product Releases


  • Updated Online Features button on the FastAttach Main screen to FastAttach Web
  • Updated FastAttach Main screen to allow select all attachments in a grouping by right-clicking the group header and selecting Select All in Group
  • Updated right-click functionality to allow users to right-click to send selected attachments from the FastAttach Main screen
  • **Reminder: Use CTRL + A to selects all listed attachments, CTRL + mouse click selects each attachment as it’s clicked, and SHIFT + mouse click selects all attachments between the top-most selected attachment and the bottom-most selected attachment. The Send button still sends all attachments with a status of “Ready to Send”

  • Software updated to use TLS 1.2 connections (new installer is now available from FastAttach Web; please see below for more details)

FastAttach Web

  • Updated Productivity Report to improve processing and retrieval times for larger data queries
  • Updated FastAttach installer requiring .NET 4.7 or higher and TLS 1.2 connectivity. Installer is available by going to Information Center > Download FastAttach and selecting the Download FastAttach button.