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12:00pm EDT

Operating Your Dental Practice Efficiently: The Toyota Way

Join Dr. James Anderson, CEO of eAssist Dental Solutions as he shares with us strategies for developing effective servant leaders, optimizing operations, completing daily checklists and improving your NPS scores.

Without a strong foundation, no business can 
 withstand the pressures it faces as it grows.

The successful dental practice combines extraordinary skills in two distinct, indispensable domains: hard numbers and soft skills. Striking the perfect balance is the result of an intentional commitment to knowledge, systems, training, reinforcement, and daily focus.

In this information-packed, highly actionable session, Dr. Anderson pulls back the curtain on the systems that create a profitable, patient-centered practice, taking the chaos out of daily operations and placing patients and production goals at the center of every interaction.

Participants explore the concept of "Kaizen" - a quest for continuous improvement - and how to enroll teams to embrace the concept as their own. Learn the keys to establishing a mentorship program for onboarding new employees. Explore how you can increase operational efficiency through Key Performance Indicators. Discover how to utilize root case of operational inefficiencies to create counter measures which solve those same problems. Learn how to incorporate servant leadership to strengthen your practice's culture and success.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the Toyota production system and how it applies to dental services

Discover the power of standardized work flow

Recognize the power of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and how your team can embrace the concept as their own

Explore the power of mentorship and how to onboard new team members through mentor systems

Learn how to establish operational efficiency through Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Identify the ultimate KPI: Net Promoter Score (NPS) and how to use this to improve your practice

12:00pm EST

Mastering Marketing Strategy

8 seconds is a long time if you are riding a bull, yet it goes by in a flash when you think about capturing the attention of a prospective patient. Digital marketing experts say that the average consumer is bombarded with anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 marketing messages per day. That’s a “few” more than most patients can easily recall.

Mastering Your Marketing Strategy starts with understanding what marketing is and being intentional about how to use it. You must be consistently visible and memorable. You must also zig when other dental practices are zagging.

How much should you budget and where should you start? Join Penny Reed, dental coach and author of the book Growing Your Dental Business, as she shares methods to master your marketing strategies and make the most out of your dollars spent.

12:00pm EST

Collecting Your Due

NEA welcomes Cindy Ishimoto - a nationally renowned dental practice management speaker and consultant for an informative session on "Collecting Your Due."

The success of a practice is determined by its collections. Learn to take the pulse of your accounts receivable: is it healthy or does it need CPR. What to do and say and when and how to effectively collect from your patients and the insurance companies. Practical, simplified, easy to implement methods will be shared to assist practices in ending the ostrich approach of managing the entire collections system.

This presentation should enable participants to: learn communication techniques for positive results in reducing the accounts receivable, making effective financial arrangements and managing insurance.

12:00pm EST

Why Can’t We Just Get Along – Bias, Sarcasm, Gossip…& Conflict Resolution

NEA welcomes Judy Kay Mausolf, owner and president of Practice Solutions Inc. Judy Kay is a dental practice management coach, speaker and author. She coaches dental teams who want to be better leaders, work together better, deliver service with more focus and passion and ultimately grow their practice.

Details for this session are under development, so we invite you to check back for more info as it evolves! (Date subject to change.)

12:00pm EST

2019 Dental Coding Update With Teresa Duncan

Don't miss this complimentary, exclusive webinar brought to you by NEA Powered by Vyne - "The 2019 Dental Coding Update" presented by Teresa Duncan of Odyssey Management. Teresa will present attendees with valuable education on the latest dental coding changes and explain how to get ahead of the game in your dental practice.


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Access our Webinar Recording Library to view sessions anytime.

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