Drawbacks of “hybrid” electronic/print & mail attachment services


Did you know that if a claim attachment service does not have electronic connectivity to the payer for both the claim AND the attachments, they most often drop your claim and attachment to paper and print and mail it to the payer for processing? So, while you may “think” you’re sending electronically, if you’re using one of the other claim and attachment services, your claims are likely taking longer to process and are getting dropped to paper. That is significant because it opens the door for errors like lost attachments, potential compliance issues that physical mail can present, and worst of all, it slows down your reimbursement time. Rather than being paid in a week, your claim could be pushed back to over three weeks for adjudication because it was not able to be submitted electronically.

NEA’s FastAttach service delivers claim attachments to over 750 connected dental plans and payers 100% electronically and we never drop anything to paper. FastAttach is compatible with most practice management systems and clearinghouses, too. Check out our partner list.

Don’t be fooled by bundled services that promise a less expensive claims and attachments package. Timely claim adjudication equals better cashflow for your practice. The choice is yours – enjoy faster reimbursements by using a fully electronic claim attachment solution, or experience delays in claim payments due to a longer print and mail cycle.

Contact NEA today at: 800-782-5150, option 2 and get on the fast-track with your claim attachment submissions.