Dental Twitter Influencers To Follow


Dentistry is like most other emerging sectors in that it is experiencing, and even contributing, to the vast knowledge exchange that is social media, and educating countless insiders and consumers in general. As more users and experts are drawn to the platform to share and contribute to conversations taking place in the sector, leaders have and continue to emerge.

As we dive into the experience that is Twitter in dentistry there are many individuals and organizations that are worth following. Those Twitter identities below are some of the most prolific and, we think, worthy of a review and a follow.

@ADANews: The American Dental Association’s Twitter account is oriented towards both patients and dental health providers. The organization tweets frequently, retweets occasionally and has more than 52,000 followers. Common topics include regulations, standards and dental insurance issues.

@TheAACD: The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the runner-up, with more than 22,000 followers.  It tweets on everything from YouTube videos of Kermit the Frog visiting the dentist, to scholarship opportunities for dental students.

@Dentaltown is an online community and magazine for dental professionals. The Twitter account links to interesting articles and discussions on Dentaltown’s website. For example, tweets include X-ray pictures asking followers to weigh in on a case, serving as a great learning experience for students.

@adeaweb is the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) and is considered the voice of dental education.

@HeartlandDental is a leading dental support organization in the United States with more than 850 supported dental offices located across 35 states.

@CDA_Dentists is the country’s largest statewide dental association, with more than 22,000 followers, including some of the best and brightest in dentistry.

@DPRlive is the official account of Dental Products Report, a source for new dental product coverage for dental professionals. An overall great dental publication.

@ADANews is the American Dental Association’s ADA news Twitter page. Follow and stay up to date on all things ADA.

@DentistryToday is the nation’s leading clinical news magazine for dentists. An excellent and thorough read and a Twitter account worthy of paying attention to.

@DentistryIQ provides followers with the latest dental news and exclusive stories. It also manages @dentalmagazine, @RDHmag, and @APEX360Mag. DentistryIQ is a standout industry publication that is informative, easy-to-read and deeply engaging.

@jflucke is a dentistry technology evangelist, chief dental editor and technology editor. He’s a general dentist, drone pilot, tester and self-proclaimed diehard geek. Geek out with him on Twitter, and enjoy his perspectives.

@gary_takacs helps dentists create a productive practice that provides personal, professional and financial success. He also produces the “Thriving Dentist Show” podcast. Twitter and a podcast, what a combination!

@MEA_NEAfast is the official site of NEA Powered by Vyne (ours!). We like to think it’s a portal all of the great things going on at NEA, including product updates and announcements, industry news and updates from the events we attend, alongside many of our experienced and excellent colleagues in dental care. We’re obviously a little partial to this account, so we hope you’ll join us in our Twitter adventure.

Who did we miss? We’re sure there’s many more that we could have been added to this list. If there are dental social media influencers that we should follow, hit us up in the comments below. We’d be happy to consider legitimate Twitter influencers and pass them on to you. Otherwise, happy following, learning and engaging!