Client Spotlight: Paradise Dental


In this issue of the NEA Newsletter, we wanted to take a moment to shine a spotlight and recognize the work that one of our clients is doing outside of the office. If your team participates in a community activity that you’d like to share with us and your dental industry peers, feel free to send us an overview and contact info. We’d love to chat with you about it and share your efforts with others!

This client spotlight focuses on the energetic team at Paradise Dental in Port Charlotte, FL. The team, led by David W. Rowe, DMD and practice administrator, Jonny Workman, FAADOM expanded upon a concept that was launched at the 2018 AADOM meeting in San Antonio – I AM… At that meeting, AADOM asked tribe members to thoughtfully select a word that represented their individual identity and potential. It was then, that a seed was planted with Jonny and her team.

What is I AM…?

The I AM… experience is partnering with dental practices across the country! The campaign is sharing stories and inspiring kindness. It is a powerful tool to combat bullying and is making a meaningful impact in the hallways of schools, in the dental practice, and the community they are proud to call home.

Paradise Dental worked with the staff and students at Neil Armstrong Elementary School to share the I AM… experience and the results went well beyond their expectations.

VIEW the I AM… Port Charlotte (2019) video from Paper Napkin Marketing on Vimeo.

“We were graciously granted the privilege of being able to capture a glimpse of these fascinating children at their most brave, authentic and generous selves. They were truly an inspiration. Together we celebrated I AM… as the life changing-experience that it was. And now we have the privilege of showing everyone else,” said Dr. David W. Rowe, Dentist at Paradise Dental.

The I AM… experience engages the community through dynamic marketing collateral, a powerful photo shoot, a moving behind-the-scenes video, and a meaningful exhibit, hosted by the dental practice, which celebrates the photos. Meet the dentists, their team, students, teachers, business mentors by watching the I AM… Port Charlotte behind-the-scenes video at:

“The I AM… experience encouraged our students, school staff, district staff, volunteers and community members to thoughtfully and carefully select one word to encapsulate who they are and how they want the world to see them. It truly was a beautiful and moving experience to see students and adults alike happily sharing their word and why they selected it. I sincerely cannot thank Dr. Rowe, Paradise Dental, and the production team enough for providing this unique opportunity to our students and school! It was an experience that will never be forgotten!” said Angie Taillon, Principal at Neil Armstrong Elementary School.

You may be asking, “why would a dental practice get involved in something like this?” For Paradise dental, it’s about supporting their local community. By engaging with the students and staff, they’ve built connections that extend far beyond the walls of their dental practice. The I AM… experience created an opportunity for the practice to create meaningful content, bring new patients to the practice, and inspire a community.

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