Changing Your Clearinghouse or Practice Management System Should Not Affect Your FastAttach Service


DID YOU KNOW… Upgrading your practice management system or switching to a new claims clearinghouse does not have to be a nightmare. NEA and our vendor partners are here to help.

Check out the current list of NEA partners on our website.

Dental practices seeking to migrate to electronic workflows or upgrade their current workflows often ask NEA for recommendations for practice management systems and clearinghouses. For more than 20 years, NEA has proudly partnered with many practice management systems and clearinghouses. These relationships enable our mutual clients to see the value of process improvements related to fully electronic claim and attachment submissions with solutions that fit their individual practice needs.

There are two ways that clients may use the FastAttach software in their practices:

  1. As part of an integrated e-claims (or e-services) bundle often offered by practice management system vendors.
  2. Without an interface to a practice management system (referred to as “standalone”).

Whether integrated or standalone, the FastAttach software enables clients to submit claim attachments electronically.

We encourage you to do your homework as you evaluate which service will work best for your organization. We invite you to review our vendor partner list here and reach out to any of the partners whose solutions are of interest.

If you have questions about the FastAttach software workflow with a particular vendor, feel free to contact the NEA Support Team at: 800-782-5150, option 3or chat with us online.