Strategic Plans for Dental Practice Growth


The dental industry is constantly changing. As dental professionals, you need to execute strategic plans for success to stay competitive. Here are a few tips on how to drive patients to your practice. Innovation Stack As the dental industry continues to evolve, staying up to date with the latest dental trends is important for your […]


How Technology Can Impact Revenue Cycle Success


Effective revenue cycle management starts with the pre-visit process and runs all the way through to final payment. Naturally, patient care is the primary focus of any successful dental practice, but effective revenue cycle management keeps the doors open and the lights on, therefore it is an essential component that cannot be ignored. One way to […]


How To Handle Payment Collections The Right Way


One of the biggest hurdles that any dental practice faces is collecting payments from patients. The bottom line – and I’ve heard this reiterated time and time again by leading dental coaches across the country – it is always best to collect payments at the time of service. Even if you will be filing with […]


Top Resources Dental Practice Leaders Should Consume In 2020


As a requirement for those in dental care, continuing education is an area of focus that professionals in the industry can prioritize and commit to completing. However, devoting time to pursue the topics you are most interested in learning more about can feel like a never-ending task. The new year is the perfect time to […]


7 Cybersecurity Tips For 2020


In today’s business climate, small businesses are more reliant on the Internet and mobile technology than ever before. Unfortunately, many of these businesses don’t have a plan in place to protect themselves against cyber threats. Is your dental practice prepared to identify and combat a cybersecurity attack? These seven strategies can set your practice up […]


8 Reasons to Consider Email Encryption and Electronic Claims Attachment Solutions


While you likely have a solid understanding of why it’s beneficial to migrate away from manual, paper-based processes in your practice, particularly when it comes to dental claims attachments, have you considered a safe way to implement your day-to-day communications? Many practices continue to use standard email systems to communicate with others outside of their […]


Dental-Medical Billing Expert Shares Tips for Getting Medical Claims Paid


According to leading industry consultant, speaker and coach, Christine Taxin of Links2Success, more and more practices – even those outside of oral surgery – are being asked to file medical claims in addition to dental claims for certain procedures. She says not knowing how to document properly for the medical coding world can cost practices […]


Drawbacks of “hybrid” electronic/print & mail attachment services


Did you know that if a claim attachment service does not have electronic connectivity to the payer for both the claim AND the attachments, they most often drop your claim and attachment to paper and print and mail it to the payer for processing? So, while you may “think” you’re sending electronically, if you’re using […]

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Resources All Dental Practice Leaders Should Read


For those looking for ways to improve their craft in dental practice, including brushing up on billing and coding best practices, or those leaders looking to build their business acumen, there are a number of free and paid resources available. ​​​​​​​Continuing education is a requirement for those in dental care but improving oneself can feel like […]


Dental Twitter Influencers To Follow


Dentistry is like most other emerging sectors in that it is experiencing, and even contributing, to the vast knowledge exchange that is social media, and educating countless insiders and consumers in general. As more users and experts are drawn to the platform to share and contribute to conversations taking place in the sector, leaders have […]


Top 4 Security Threats You May Not Think Much About


By all accounts, given the seemingly overwhelming amount of efficiency gained through technology, the same increase of mobile devices, virtualization software, social media and the consumerization of IT remain some of the most pressing security threats for healthcare and dental practices. The increase of mobile devices, embedded devices, virtualization software, social media and the consumerization of IT […]

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Establishing Effective Dental Practice Workflows


Developing efficient workflows is extremely important to establishing a process for care delivery. A smart practice workflow increases your overall efficiency, helps staff understand their roles and reduces miscommunication and waste. Each practice’s workflow is unique, even at the most minute level despite how things might seem from an outsider’s point of view. Guidelines should […]


Simple Efforts Can Have a Dramatic Impact on the Future of Your Practice


The managing of your own dental practice means much, much more than ensuring that your patients receive quality oral health care. To provide the very best in care you need to optimize the business side of the practice and ensure that it’s operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That’s easier said than done, of […]


Efficient Efforts to Improve Your Dental Practice


Practice efficiency increases profitability, but time wasters and operational clumsiness inevitably get in the way. Days in practice can be busy, filled with must-do activities and responsibilities and tasks dropped by colleagues that must be picked up immediately. On top of that, there are the patients that need to be cared for and some that […]

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