Research Points to Email as Top Threat for Cybercriminal Activity


In a recent survey by Osterman Research, Inc., top Information Technology (IT) decision makers expressed that they see email as the primary threat for cybercriminal activity. Have you ever received an email from someone that you thought you knew, only to realize after clicking a link for a “cute kitten video” that it went to a different website – perhaps […]


Email Security Tools At Your Fingertips


Did you realize that you may have access to one of the easiest to use, least expensive email security tools in the industry and you’re not taking advantage of it yet? In fact, you may already have the service available to you just waiting for you to activate. Have you previously received an email invitation to […]


If we had to rate NEA and FastAttach, it would be a 10.


We have proudly used NEA’s electronic claims attachment solution, FastAttach, for more than 10 years and the benefits have been substantial for the practice, specifically for claim pre-authorization, which is so much easier because of the solution. FastAttach makes everything so much easier than doing things manually by hand. There’s also no need to print […]


I wish every insurance company accepted NEA.


I love NEA because it saves time and money. Postage and ink is expensive and unreliable. When I send attachments via NEA, I know that they see what I see and that it should get to them immediately, not take weeks to process through the mail and possibly get lost along the way. I wish […]


Drawbacks of “hybrid” electronic/print & mail attachment services


Did you know that if a claim attachment service does not have electronic connectivity to the payer for both the claim AND the attachments, they most often drop your claim and attachment to paper and print and mail it to the payer for processing? So, while you may “think” you’re sending electronically, if you’re using […]


6 Tips for Easier Collections Conversations


One of the biggest hurdles that any dental practice faces is collecting payments from patients. Of course, it’s always best to collect payments at the time of service. Even if you’ll be filing with insurance, you should collect the patient’s estimated portion while they are there in front of you. On a recent NEA webinar, […]


NEA’s FastAttach is great!


NEA’s FastAttach is great! It saves us a lot of time from printing. We just create (an) attachment and send it with (the) claim. It is fast and easy and we get reimbursed fast, too! Alison Tran, Riverton Dental in Front Royal, VA


NEA FastAttach Speeds-up Claim Attachment Process & Improves Compliance


We have a small insurance-based patient practice, but for those patients who are insured, we feel confident (that) NEA FastAttach has helped our dental practice exchange attachments with dental payers in a fast, easy (way) and above all (it) keeps us in compliance with our privacy guidelines. In addition, thank you for the free webinars […]

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