BLOG: Secure Electronic Options for Better Managing Your Revenue Cycle


Improve Your A/R with a Few Simple Tools

Dentists, do you realize that your practice is needlessly throwing money down the drain AND putting the security of your patients’ data at risk every day? It’s true. If you’re not empowering your staff to utilize secure electronic tools for checking eligibility and benefits or for processing claims and associated claim attachments, you’re negatively impacting your ROI and taking unnecessary security risks.

By using convenient, online tools to check eligibility and benefits, you can understand up-front what the patients’ responsibility is and can collect those fees at the time services are rendered. That may seem like a no-brainer, but if you’re still having your staff call the insurance companies to check benefits, you’re not only wasting time, you’re losing money. Every minute they spend on the phone with an insurer is time taken away from revenue generating activities and more importantly, time taken away from interacting with your patients.

Likewise, by submitting claims and required attachments like X-rays, periocharts, etc. via secure online tools, your practice can save not only time but money by cutting down the end-to-end time from submission to adjudication. In many cases this can be reduced from several weeks or even months, down to days depending on the health plan or payer. Think of the impact that could have on your A/R each month?

Best of all, these online tools don’t require a huge investment on your part at all. For example, using a secure electronic claim attachment solution like FastAttach from NEA costs less than the lowest monthly cost for any of your other business services. Think about it…how much do you spend on: telephone, internet, on-call services, reminder messaging, you website or other marketing services?

You owe it to yourself and your staff to look into secure electronic options for better managing your revenue cycle. Contact the claim attachment experts at NEA for more information on how FastAttach can help get you started on improving your A/R today!