BLOG: Introducing the Vyne Brand


Welcome to Vyne.

This is a big week for our company. Today, we introduced our new brand identity and took the first step in our journey down a new and exciting path – a path that lays the groundwork for future growth. We are Vyne™.

In creating the Vyne brand, we saw an opportunity to bring to life a new common identity for our company in a way that expresses what we envision as future success. A new brand identity is complex. It’s much more than logos, colors, and fonts. It is a system that unites the goals, the products and the history of the organization in a way that enables clear communication of who we are and where we’re going.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how to best position our brand and our products determining what we do best, what we enjoy doing and what are the most valuable services we can provide to our clients. This thinking has helped us to define exactly what we want to achieve with the business and what we want Vyne to be known for in years to come.

Our mission is to bridge the information divide empowering our clients to achieve performance excellence. We work with the goal of advancing the flow of health services information to support better outcomes serving the health services ecosystem – wherever providers, patients, and payers interact. At Vyne, we connect disconnected data to help create a more complete and accurate picture – with the individual patient at the core. Our solutions deliver greater operational efficiency, financial performance, compliance, and – ultimately – better patient experience and health outcomes.

Vyne has two complementary business units which allow us to broadly impact the healthcare community…

  • NEA is focused on dental providers, payers and partners
  • Vyne Medical™ (formerly TWSG|MEA) is focused on medical providers, payers and partners.

Together, our two business units are committed to empowering our clients to achieve improved performance and cost-savings through a robust portfolio of electronic healthcare communication and secure information exchange solutions. The combined company serves over 35% of addressable US dental practices, over 400 hospitals and hospital systems, a network of more than 30 key partners and over 1,500 health plans and payers nationwide.  The company has operation centers in Dunwoody, GA and Knoxville, TN.

We have a great story to tell and we have an entire company of Vyne brand ambassadors to help bring forth to the market the message of this new, vibrant, impactful brand that delivers not only technology, but a superior client experience.

We are Vyne. Watch us grow.