Being Thankful Benefits Everyone


‘Tis the season for folks to start making their lists of the things they’re thankful for. You’ll see them popping up online, on Facebook, in holiday emails and everywhere. Have you ever thought about ways that you could make an extra effort in your business to thank those who contribute to your success? There are business benefits to being thankful as well.

As a small business, which most dental practices are, you can greatly benefit from building relationships and thanking the people that keep you going – not just at this time of year, but every day. Your patients, your teams your referral partners and your vendor partners all contribute to your success. By strengthening these relationships, your business can continue to thrive throughout the year.

Here are a few quick ideas for ways to show your appreciation today and in the future.

  1. Send Patients Personalized Thank You Cards (not eCards)

Think of how you feel when you receive a card in the mail. It’s personal and appreciated.  With the proliferation of email these days, a printed card demonstrates a personal touch that email cannot deliver and it’s one that your patients (and referral partners) will appreciate.

  1. Thank Team Members with a Special Event

Speaking of personal touches, setup a team breakfast, luncheon, or even an after-hours event like a happy hour mixer or dinner as a “thank you” for being such great employees. While you’re all together, ask them to personally sign the thank you cards you’ll be sending out.

  1. Close the Office Early or Give Employees Extra Holiday Time Off

Sure, holiday bonuses are great and are always appreciated, so we’re not saying don’t give those out (please do!)but, in addition, think how surprised and appreciated your team would feel if you told them that you’d be closing a half-day (or even a few hours early) before a holiday so that they could run errands and be with family.

  1. Send Lunch to Your Referral Partners Office

If you work with other practices that refer patients to you, why not thank them by providing lunch for their team? Have something catered in or, even better, have someone from your office deliver it personally. We all know, offices love free snacks and beverages, so keep your name top-of-mind for future referrals with a simple meal delivery as a showing of your gratitude.

“When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others.”

Dalai Lama