Product Releases

FastAttach & FastAttach Web Release Notes for 10/20/2019


FastAttach Updated Online Features button on the FastAttach Main screen to FastAttach Web Updated FastAttach Main screen to allow select all attachments in a grouping by right-clicking the group header and selecting Select All in Group Updated right-click functionality to allow users to right-click to send selected attachments from the FastAttach Main screen **Reminder: Use […]

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 9/29/2019


Password & User Email Improvements Updated Forgot Password reset process to use an emailed one-time use passcode instead of temporary password Updated administrative feature Manage Users to include options to set passwords, set temporary passwords that expire upon initial use, and email secure password setup links for both supporting existing users, as well as creating […]

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 1/20/2019


General Improvements Improved help tool access via the new Information Center, providing clearer access to our online Help Center, release information and feedback form Addition of optional E-Claim Payor ID to the Productivity Report Support for Terms & Conditions access & agreement Attachment Creation & Management Attachment creation via Unsent Attachments & Patients Ability to […]

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 5/27/2018


General Improvements Billing Statements added, available for eligible clients (based on payment type) from Account Summary Health Plan messages will now contain links to corresponding attachments for easy reference The email address used in Forgot Password is now bold to more easily see Corrected Print Friendly View display issue with images with a height between […]

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 4/1/2018


Added Printer View to sent attachment view* Added attachment modification history to sent attachment view Added links to Support and Release Information from navigation (beside the Feedback Form) Renamed User to “Sent By” for Productivity Report Added “Created By” to Productivity Report Corrected carrier name in FastLook *A PDF viewer is required to use Printer […]

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 2/28/2018


Correct when delete icon disappears on Inbox after bulk delete and adjusting columns Correct when SLA Report freezes when hovering over a data point in Internet Explorer Standardize session timeout Correct date format when viewing images

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 2/25/2018


General Dashboard optimization Stop preventing PMG Master users from creating the same username in a satellite location as the Master facility Improved Internet Explorer handling Rename “Select a Health Plan” to “All” on the Productivity Report to clarify functionality Grid Columns (Unsent/Sent Attachments, Messages) Move column chooser into Settings so it’s easier for users to […]

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 2/18/2018


Addition of Image Scaling when viewing images in sent attachments Fastlook performance improvements Allow narrative field to scroll when viewing sent attachments Correct Internet Explorer issues for displaying counts at bottom of pages

Product Releases

FastAttach Web Release Notes for 2/13/2018


Allow navigation away from dashboard while loading Allow dashboard to load metrics separately to enhance performance Display the last 7 days instead of 5 weeks of data on the dashboard Default sent attachments to show the last 7 days Patient searching when no default insurance is set (FastAttach & FastAttach Web) Correct Unsent Attachment display […]