Are you ready for 37 new dental codes in 2020?


With the new year, comes new codes as well as edits, revisions and deletions. What could these changes mean for your practice and patients?

Last week, more than 750 dental professionals attended the complimentary 2020 Dental Coding Update webinar presented by Teresa Duncan, M.S., founder of Odyssey Management courtesy of NEA Powered by Vyne. If you were not able to attend, you missed out on some powerful dental coding information that every practice should know for 2020.

Teresa provided attendees with detailed insight about which codes were eliminated and what codes have been added, revised or edited. More importantly, she discussed what dental practices need to know about the changes in order to properly code and get paid for the services being provided.

Several codes were eliminated, 37 were added and several more were either revised or otherwise edited. That’s a lot of new information to absorb and implement. – and, since these changes impact not only your practice, but also, your patients, it’s critical that you know when to use which codes. If you’ve not yet reviewed the 2020 code changes, there’s still time to get on top of things.

Watch Teresa’s webinar and get detailed explanations about the coding changes here.

You can also purchase the ADA coding guides online. For additional inquiries about the 2020 dental code changes, contact the ADA at 312.440.2500 or


Additional Claims & Coding Resources

The California Dental Association published a list of all of the new and updated codes and it’s a great quick reference. Read the article.

Looking for information on how to properly use the new ADA and CMS-1500 claim forms? Check out these two informational webinars presented by industry expert, Christine Taxin, founder of Links2Success.

ADA Dental Claim Form Changes – VIEW WEBINAR
CMS-1500 Claim Form Changes – VIEW WEBINAR

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