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NEA FastAttach® electronically connects to more payers and dental plans than anyone in the industry.

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FastAttach electronic claim attachment software from NEA – part of the ASI Approved Program – saves dental offices time and money by allowing providers to securely, electronically transmit x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives, secondary insurance, or any other documentation required by a payer to adjudicate a dental claim. With 100% electronic connectivity to more dental payers and plans than anyone else in the industry, NEA can help speed up reimbursements – cutting your wait times down from weeks to only days!

Save nearly $10 per attachment over paper!

By using FastAttach instead of manual, paper-based processes for claim attachments, your practice could be saving a lot of money!

With FastAttach you can:

  • Eliminate lost or damaged claim attachments
  • Improve your revenue cycle and expedite reimbursements
  • Save on postage and printing costs
  • Reduce follow-up time with payers
  • Stop sending unnecessary attachments with claims
  • Be certain that all of your claim attachments are getting where they need to go in a timely, secure manner
  • Know that you’re using a secure, encrypted, Internet based tool that meets industry security requirements

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FastAttach truly helps us to run a more lean process and limit the amount of times we have to touch a claim.

Having the tracking number available when calling a payer for claim status is a huge advantage for both parties. Overall we find that relying on the NEA electronic process is a huge advantage for us administratively.

— Shelbie Yount, Aspen Dental Management

I love that FastAttach allows seamless claim processing for our office.

We can attach xrays, narratives, perio charting, and secondary insurance claims at the click of a button. It is such a time saver on our end AND it helps us receive insurance payments Faster. It is a FANTASTIC service that I highly recommend!

— Cait Resch, Glacier Dental

Our practice could not run as smoothly with out FastAttach. The days of paper submission should be behind us.

NEA-Vyne are leaders in their support services. Helpful suggestions and newsletters keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Exceeding security standards they offer a comfort level we can not get with other companies. We owe are recent production increases and turn around time to NEA-Vyne for the time savings they have provided us through their services. In addition, they strive to increase availability to all every major insurance available.

— Autumn Esbin, Dr. Caroline A Bobbett, DDS

I can submit a claim for a crown, show pre- and post-op images after it is seated same visit, and we are paid in 7-14 days.

Perio is easy with charting & digipan. If a claim is lost by the insurance company, the NEA number is how they find it. It’s an incredible time saver!

— Beverly Krell, William L Krell, DDS, MAGD

Sending claims is effortless using FastAttach.

They also prompt you as to what needs to go with claims to avoid insurance denials due to missing information.

— Mary Ann Venturena, Beautiful Smiles of Delaware