Nancy Benisch, McKinney Dental


We have proudly used NEA’s electronic claims attachment solution, FastAttach, for more than 10 years and the benefits have been substantial for the practice, specifically for claim pre-authorization, which is so much easier because of the solution.

FastAttach makes everything so much easier than doing things manually by hand. There’s also no need to print documents or send them through the post. FastAttach is easy, fast and simple!

The practice submits about 30 attachments per month, and the results of using the solution are palatable and profitable: pre-estimates come back a little quicker than without FastAttach (about 10 minutes), and claims go through faster.

Any required training means we simply call NEA and they receive our call within seconds, by real people, and they provide great support — immediately.

We also use FastAttach to easily send all of our pre-procedure estimates to the appropriate insurance company for justification prior to offering the service, which makes for a smooth and efficient process for the practice and for the patient. And claim forms, we send as many attachments as we need through NEA, which allows for the ability to quickly capture a screen image, drag X-rays into FastAttach and simply click “Ok.”

And FastAttach seamlessly integrates with EagleSoft; there are no issues whatsoever between the two technologies.

If we had to rate NEA and FastAttach, it would be a 10. FastAttach is common sense to use, and it’s not complicated at all. If there is anything that members of the staff need help with, service is available immediately and is first class.

  • Nancy Benisch, Practice Manager, McKinney Dental, Madison, Wisconsin