Making The Case For Electronic Claims Attachments


June 13, 2014 Medical groups can boost their bottom line and refine operational efficiency by streamlining claims adjudication. Electronic submission enables practices to process claims and receive reimbursements quicker than they otherwise would have in the past. As a whole, industry-wide electronic claims submission to payers is sharply on the rise. Indeed, the percentage of […]


BLOG: So You’re Submitting Your Claims Electronically… What About Your Attachments?


It is rare that we come across a medical office or facility that is still submitting their medical claims manually on paper to the insurance companies. Most are submitting their claims electronically because it is easier, cheaper and exceedingly more efficient than mailing or faxing their claims. Many insurance companies encourage their providers to submit […]


BLOG: Electronic Attachments: The Missing Element of the Claims Submission Process


There’s no question that the healthcare industry is on its way to completely digitizing business processes. The EHR Stimulus Alliance, a joint effort by well know IT vendors whose purpose is to educate physicians across the country on the benefits of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, resulted in a dramatic increase of […]


BLOG: The Role of Attachments in the Electronic Claims Process


The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly efficient by digitizing electronic patient medical records, medical claims, and insurance claim documentation.  An important part of this electronic shift is electronic attachments, such as those that include supporting documentation for electronic claims.  Not only can submitting claim attachments electronically save money and time, but soon there will be specific government regulations requiring their use for specific […]


BLOG: The difference between profit and loss: Why strong RCM technologies are vital for success in today’s health care climate


While some claim that the recession has hurt health care market initiatives to improve revenue cycle management (RCM) and has decreased the importance of healthcare back office technology investments, the global recession, the movement towards consumer medicine, and government legislation have actually made RCM and related technology vital to payer and provider operation. In fact, […]